Helping health care workers do their job, and improve their skills.

Provided Media offers High quality professional video education services for heath care, with a rapid turnaround. These videos have been used as documentaries, trainings, seminars, promotional tools. The videos that we make provide an excellent way to inform physicians, staff, clients and patients.

About Darien:

The owner, Darien Fripps has been creating video education for over 10 years. He is a graduate of Temple University with a BA in Broadcasting, Telecommunications, and Mass Media.

He has advanced experience with Adobe Premiere (Video Editing/Film making), Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator (Graphic Design).

A Certified Microsoft System Installer, I am A+ Computer Technology Trained, and I am an International Computer Driver License (ICDL) Holder.

My work has been used by The University of Pennsylvania, Penn Medicine, Accenture Technology Solutions, Pabts Blue Ribbon, Baby Loves Disco, The Food Trust.


Why Choose Provided?

Provide Better Care:
We recognize the overall goal is to help the patient. Our focus is to support what health care workers need so they can be successful in providing better care. Our aim is to help those who help others.

Make your message heard:
Making you part of the process is important. Working with health care to reflect their message, and their mission clearly and to have impact is paramount.

Uphold your integrity:
Respecting the integrity of the company by providing rapid turnaround of products without compromising quality of service.

Save Money and Time:
Receive high end quality products and services for competitive rates. You will be able to get your information to those who need it, to help streamline workflow. Limit the distance between request and access, allowing for better care.

Our Work?

Penn Medicine utilizes videos I have created for training of all employees in all departments, in every hospital and entity in the Penn medicine network.

Jordan Rambo used this video service in his LDP (Leadership Development Program) to become a company Accenture Technologies Solutions partner. He is one of only 1 of 5 African American partners in the entire corporation.

University of Pennsylvania has partnered with us to create training, and documentary videos.