Here is ALL the info for the event series. Let me know what’s up for this summer.

Have a good holiday Season! 90S Rock Game Show and Live 90s Tribute Band!!!!


We teamed up with City of Phila, the Troc, and PBR



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 Video Links:

Bright Radio Game Show: 90s Rock game show!!!!



Bright Radio Game Show (South Street)



Bright Radio Game Show: FINALE






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An event series that will have 5 different times/events to PROMO PBR!



5 PBR promotional 90’s Rock Themed events


Comedian Host, Stage Set Props (Game Show set, Podiums, Buzzer Rental, wardrobe, Name Tags Lighting Rental, prize Giveaways)

Promotion Materials (Online Web, Flyer Design Flyers, Promo Video)


90s rock game show series in the summertime, (4 preliminary rounds, and a championship round.)
Each preliminary event will produce a winner for that venue, and will receive a $100 cash prize.
All winners are then entered in the finale, to be held at Eakins Oval, and will be in the running to win a $1000 cash prize.

Venues will commit to 10 cases and to have a weekly special for 1 year.



Venues from past event series.

I coordinated the beer sales with the venues because my personal network


McKinley Tavern [Elkins Park]

Connolly’s Pub [Hatboro]

Bourbon &Branch [Northern Liberties]

Bob & Barbara’s  [South Street]

All have Committed to 10 or mare cases and weekly special for year. (40 cases + yearly special)


Eakins Oval :

Committed to buy 50 cases  of PBR


(over 90 cases +  yearly specials)





Press Release: Bright Radio Game Show


June 25, July 8, August 3, August 10, August 19.


New 90’s music game show in Philadelphia with cash prizes will have finale in Eakins Oval.

On The Beat and Pabst Blue Ribbon are hosting the Bright Radio Game Show this summer in Philadelphia and the surrounding area. The game show revolves around trivia based on 90’s rock music including mainstream, alternative, punk, and grunge. Each event offers prizes to all contestants. Each contestant will get a Pabst swag package of the night and the winner will receive a $100 cash prize. All winners are then entered in the finale, to be held at Eakins Oval, and will be in the running to win a $1000 cash prize.


To be a part of the Bright Radio Game Show simply come as you are to one of the four game show events and sign up to play. Contestants use a website that turns their mobile device into a buzzer, a convenient way to participant and a way to ensure no participant is looking up the answers on the internet. Comedian Alex Grubard, host of Good Good Comedy and Weeding out the Stoned, is the host for the Bright Radio Game Show and will guide guests and contestants through each exciting evening.


Bright Radio is the brainchild of Darien ‘Flip’ Fripps and was created to show his enduring love for 1990’s rock music. Many in the area may know Flip from his work on Hip Hop Lives, On The Beat, and Provided Media. His musical interests and knowledge extend beyond one genre of music. He missed the days of sharing music in person and saw there was a void in sharing the rock based music of the 1990’s that influenced so many at the time. Bright Radio Game Show allows people to share their love of 90’s rock music and show their knowledge of the genre, all while winning prizes.





Darien “Flip” Fripps

Email: [email protected]
Cell: 267-471-9280